Zac Logsdon is an author and sports marketing expert available to speak to groups of coaches, athletes and athletics administrators.

Over the past two decades, Zac Logsdon has worked directly with more than 150 sports organizations to help them drive attendance to their events, increase fundraising efforts and improve the game experience for their fans. With clients ranging from the University of North Carolina to Stanford University to the Oklahoma City Thunder, there are few people in the nation with more experience with as many organizations than Zac.

In 2017, Zac decided to parlay his knowledge of sports marketing in a book called, 'Stop the Clock." The book is about the power and impact athletics has on our lives and how we can embrace that idea as fans, coaches and administrators. Zac backs up his commentary through stories from more than 60 Directors of Athletics and Senior Staff members from universities from all over the U.S. 

Through his experience in sports marketing, hosting the Stop the Clock podcast and authoring his book, Zac has developed motivational speeches targeted at inspiring coaches, administrators and athletes as well as informative speeches focused on data gathered through fan and industry research.



Athletes often believe that sports begins and ends with what happens between the lines. Zac's prese



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